Girls love. machete wielding #RussianBear. #RRB 71 for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'm not Evgeni Malkin. I was pope runner up. #popemalkin (Parody).
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                                  “— am i done yet?”i say,
                                 and i’m not sure i actually say it or if i just think it and she hears it.
                                       ”yes,” she says, her bright eyes with tears.
                                           ”my dear child, you’ve done so well.”

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I feel like half the NHLers had congratulatory sex after the lockout was over because here we are 9 months later and all these babies are poppin out

okay I realize now this kinda sounds like I’m talking about a giant orgy with half the NHL players but clearly I meant they had sex with their respective wives